Augmented / Virtual Reality


….helped us save close to 60% in Training expenses and over 80% increase in training quality in a matter of four months…

A large Wind Energy company with a presence in over 55 countries

VR based Marketing Solutions for Real Estate

Show your infrastructure project’s exterior and interior right on top of your prospect’s desk without having them twitch a muscle. Gone are those days of rendered walkthrough videos or customary site visits. Give highly photorealistic and interactive walkthroughs that gives the user the freedom of moving and looking around. All these before even laying the foundation!

AR solutions for Maintenance

Our solution breaks down the mundane task of decrypting instruction manuals or reference manuals by overlaying the animation of the complex instructions directly over the equipment in real time, thus enabling the user to learn and perform operations in real time.

VR solution for Control Rooms

With the entire control room being digitized, you no longer need to invest on building bulky, immobile and obsolete control rooms.

VR solutions for Training

Training in environments like Energy sectors, Defense, Logistics, Manufacturing are difficult and sometimes dangerous. VR is a great learning medium that delivers an experience that is as close to the real experience.

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